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pyAXL is an API written in python to access the AXL-API of the Cisco Callmanager. It should be compatible with Callmanager 4.1 up to 6.1. These are the versions i had the chance to test on. I can not guarantee that there will be no regressions creeping in, because i am usually able to test on the two newest callmanagers only. If you are successful on other versions or on other operating systems than Linux, please let me know.
Currently only the most needed methods for the daily work with CCM are implemented, but the API is easy to extend.


This software should run on all sytems where these packages are available: Examples are Linux, Windows, MacOS-X, Solaris and BSD.


Older releases can be found here


To start with pyAXL read the README file. API-documentation is located inside the source package in ascii format.
These two sites are giving a short overview about the possible usage of pyAXL. (in German)

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Sebastian Kratzert


The source is free software and released under the terms of GPL.